First-aid equipment how to distinguish equipment through affixes – Breastplate

This article will introduce some basic knowledge to determine the value of equipment affixes of various parts. Because it is an introductory content, it is limited to rare equipment and will not involve dark gold equipment, and it will not involve equipment manufacturing. Due to the different requirements of attributes on different genres, the commentary for each part will be divided into two versions: Blood and Energy Shield (ES).

The POE equipment system needs to understand. For example, the same high blood volume + high resistance affix combination, if it is a helmet or a ring, can sell a good price,
However, if you don’t have a running shoe, it’s not worth the money. The reason is that running speed affixes can only be found in shoes (limited to blue gold), and the running speed has a great impact on the game experience, so there is no high speed running shoes even if other attributes are no good people rarely used.

Breastplate …
Chest armor is generally a defensive position. Most genres need to look for the defensive attributes such as blood resistance or energy shield on breastplate.

Blood flow:

Priority: Maximum Life, Elemental Resistance (Flame Frost Lightning Resistance), Chaos Resistance, Strength
The usefulness of blood volume and resistance needless to say, power in POE can increase blood volume (2 force = 1 life) and close combat physical damage (5 force increase 1%).
Therefore, a high blood-resistant breastplate is a good bonus point if it has high strength at the same time.
Note that without the use of the essence and the master, the power affixes only appear on the armored floor.

General: Armor, Evasion, Agility, Wisdom
Due to the current weakness of the dodge and armor genre, the efficiency of late game dodge and armor reduction is not high, so there are few BDs dedicated to dodging dodge armor.
Agility increases hit (2 agile = 1 hit) and dodge (5 agile = 1% dodge).
Wisdom increases magic (2 Wisdom = 1 Magic) and Energy Shield (5 Wisdom = 1% Energy Shield). It is of little value for most blood volume BD.
It is of course good to have these above, but it does not have much effect.

Energy Shield Flow:

Priority: Maximum Energy Shield, Energy Shield %, Energy Shield %+ Stun Recovery and Block Revert (Composite Affix)
For the energy shield (es) genre, breastplate is the largest source of es.
A good es breastplate can easily provide 3000-4000 es, so to determine the value of es breastplate first depends on the total es value.
The current version can be roughly judged as follows:
600+ es (for pioneering purposes)
700+ es (God of Wasteland)
800+ es (Mid-term God Pack)
900+ es (God installed)
1000+ es (full-service single-digit mirror only)

General: Wisdom, Elemental Resistance (Flame Frost Lightning Resistance)
Note that for the es genre, the energy shield provided by wisdom is considerable, and the top wisdom affixes is almost equal to the bonus of 2 talent points, so the value of the high-intelligence affixes on es clothes is very high.

Because of the direct chaos damage immunity of the supernatural body (CI), chaos resistance is only useful for low blood schools.
The low blood basically does not use gold es breastplate, so the value of chaos resistance on es breastplate is not high.


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