Poe Equipment to create and fun – equipment to create the basic tutorial Raiders

A large number of currencies are sure to be dizzy for novices, but after researching, you will find that most of the money is related to equipment production. This time it will be the highest-end gameplay for everyone’s popular “road to exile”—equipment creation.

First of all, we must follow the basic concepts of popular science, which can be used as a basic reference book.
[equipment rarity]
White – affix blank
Blue outfit – 1 to 2 affixes
Yellow – up to 6 affixes
Dark gold – affixes cannot be changed
“To create the common currency and methods for equipment”
Various currencies

<Spread Stone> Increases the affix’s blue attire to 2 affixes
<Improvement Stone> Re-Indigo Affix
<Fuhao Stone> Turning blue equipment into yellow
<Recast stone> Change blue or yellow to white.
<Chaos Orbs> Heavy yellow all affixes, may appear 3 ~ 6 affixes
<Sacred Stone> Value of the current range of double affixes
<Exalted Orbs> Add 1 affix to gold
<Blessing Stone> Range of Fixed Affixes
<Stripping stone> Randomly remove 1 affix
<The mirror of Callander> Copy a non-dark gold item
<All kinds of essence> Provide equipment special affixes, suffixes are

Master Craft masters provide a lot of practical or special affixes, and they can have 5-70% of the T1 affixes. It is also a very good choice.
<The highlight of this stage – affixes, the contact in the game is roughly divided into 3 categories>

Here we must mention the master affixes, be regarded as the gospel of all players, as long as you understand the mechanism of the master, do not need too high a threshold of capital, but also can build your own equipment, focusing on the next few special master affixes, thousands Don’t forget to treat the master – there is an old family, if you have a treasure is not casual

To sum up, the prerequisites that must be possessed to become an outstanding forgemaster are, of course, the basic knowledge of the game, especially the understanding of various suffixes. Furthermore, the masters who are good at hiding are higher grades that can bring Your convenience and advantages will be greater, especially in the new alliance. High-level masters will be able to pour the first pot of gold for you. This will be of great importance to the development of the character genre. The basic articles will stop here. Follow-up will have the opportunity to follow you again. Share the advanced version, wishing Baoyunchanglong!

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