Path of Exile Defense Mechanism Introduction – Basic articles

No matter how powerful the defense mechanism is, it is based on the basic health points. The POE shows the HP or the shield value ES.

I believe that the first defensive creed that every new player hears is a pile of blood/ES. So how do you increase it?

【Health HP】

Blood formula:

Health = Base Health * Increase % Max Life

Maximum blood volume = (38 + (level * 12) + (force / 2) + basic bonus) * (100% + percentage bonus %)

Each character starts with 50 lives, +12 lives per level

Each point of power can be +0.5 life

Increases “Life Base Bonus” and “By Life Percent Bonus %” through equipment and talent

Lifebase Bonus: +12 maximum health for some equipment

Percentage of Life Bonus %: Some talent has +5% health above this effect

It can be seen that the percentage of basic life is equally important. Whether it is yellow or dark gold equipment can find a lot of basic blood volume bonus, talent can easily point out 150 +% of the maximum life, which is why thieves 40 blood rewards seem to be very little but the amount of blood BD is required because there are more than 40*(1+150%)=100 blood after the addition!

So what we have to do with the heap of blood is 1. To increase the number of talents by a maximum of the maximum life/to use power as a crossing point 2. To find more + more life/strength affixes on the equipment 3. More promotion levels.

【Shield value ES】

Shield value formula:

Shield Value = Base Shield Value * Increase % Max Shield * More % Max Shield (Every 5 Wisdom = 1 % Max Shield)

In addition to chaos damage, all damage will be first deducted shield and then buckle life

Chaos damage penetrates the shield and directly buckles life.

50% chance to avoid being dizzy when the shield is not zero

When the player is not harmed for a period of time, the shield will automatically respond. The initial value of this time is 6 seconds. This time can be shortened by reducing the delay of the energy shield.

ES is actually the blood of another concept, except that the basic value of life is replaced by the shield value of the equipment, and the various % bonuses are increased by % maximum shield. You can see more % of the maximum shield is independent. That’s why, so this is why the point behind this psionic talent is one of the reasons for the CI flow. So what you have to do to stack ES is 1. To increase the number of talents by more than % of the maximum shield / to use wisdom as a crossing point 2. To find high ES equipment as much as possible 3. Do not level (joking)


In the face of physical damage the most basic means of injury reduction! Can easily piled to 1W +.

Armor only reduces the physical damage taken and cannot reduce elemental damage.

Armor maximum damage reduction effect is 90%

Armor reduction calculation formula:

Physical damage reduction%=armor/(armor+physical damage*10)

According to the formula we can convert to get a damage reduction curve.

It can be seen that in the face of large physical damage, the effect of armor reduction is very limited!! Therefore, the importance of various hard reduction injuries can be seen.

After understanding the basic methods of harden injury reduction, let me tell you something new. This is very important.

The expected dodge rate of the panel and expected physical reduction are false!!

The expected dodge rate of the panel and expected physical reduction are false!!

The expected dodge rate of the panel and expected physical reduction are false!!

This is just the expected value of GGG’s assumption that you go left and fight against the primary school students at Baishan Elementary School.

The following is the real situation

Armor to reduce physical damage is limited by the formula, the higher the single physical damage, the weaker the effect of high armor damage reduction!

5000 armor of you to deal with a single 500 of physical damage, reduce the damage by 45%, EHP18181

But 5000 armor you face a single 5000 physical damage, only reduce 8% damage, EHP10869

Even if the heap to 10000 armor deals with a single 5000 physical damage, only 14% damage is reduced, EHP11627

This is a far cry from the expected physical damage reduction shown by the panel. The monsters such as Big Bear, Mago, and the like can easily get you to the air, so don’t be fooled by the panel.

Even if it is a pile of 20,000 armor million blood Xiaoming, as long as 11500 physical damage is enough to spike him!

Xiao Ming is very confused, then I should not deserve to be seconds?

NONONO, here are a few defense tools –
[Extra Physical Damage Reduction]

Endurance ball, 4% extra physical damage reduction per endurance ball

Talent Point – Spirit of Spirit, 4% additional physical damage reduction

Petrochemicals, 20% additional physical damage reduction

Chaos Golem, 4% extra physical damage reduction

[Subject to physical damage converted to]

most common

Raith Breastplate, Physical Damage taken 30% converted to Lightning Damage

Hatred of Blue Jade potions, 20% of the physical damage sustained by this potion is converted to Icy damage.

[Take fewer physical injuries]

Polar Armor – Hit while standing still receives x% less physical damage

[A variety of + the largest anti-drug equipment with aura]

The higher the resistance mentioned above, the greater the gain of the maximum resistance. For example, the maximum resistance from 98% resistance to 99% resistance in extreme conditions will bring you double EHP!!

【Protection of Body, Restaurants, etc. More % Damage Reduction】

These reductions are usually calculated independently at the end of the day! The relief effect is very powerful.

In the face of a single 5000 physical damage, 10000 armor only reduces the damage by 14%, 11627 physical damage enough to kill you.

And as long as you have three endurance balls on the body, 12200 physical damage can only seconds you.

Five stamina balls, 13500 physical damage to second you!

Drink petrochemical, 17900 physical damage to seconds you!!

If there is a word of thunder on you at this time, 25571 physical damage can only seconds!

Of course, there is not such a high single physical damage in the game. These examples are just to illustrate that in the face of high single physical damage, the effects of armor are no longer comparable to a few endurance balls or a bottle of potion or a Halo is a piece of equipment.

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