Path of Exile Introduction

Skill gem system

The core of the action adventure game is always surrounded by two things: refreshing and powerful skills and a variety of expensive treasures. In Path of Exile, the skills are in the form of items. When you insert the skill gem in the corresponding slot, you can use the appropriate skills. A large number of complementary stones can further strengthen these skills. You can fortify your fireball technique to bounce between enemies, or to cast multiple scattered fireballs at once. A skill is also enhanced by up to five assistive skills. Since the grades and experience of gemstones are independent and certain gemstones are difficult to obtain, they can be valuable in the trading.

Talent tree
All characters in Path of Exile share the same talent tree. Since different characters will start from different starting points, the player can concentrate on enhancing the character’s default attribute capabilities or make up for the corresponding skill configuration by investing in other capabilities. The key talent points scattered throughout the talent tree will greatly change the attack mode of a character. ‘Resilience’ will make you lose the ability to crit, but also will make your attack can not be avoided. Psionic Aegis will transfer the attributes provided by your equipped shield to your summons instead of strengthening yourself. Through these talents and the combination of item abilities and skill configurations, players will be able to create a unique and unique character.

PoE Currency

Valklas World Background
Valklas is a continent that is known as ‘Ghost Island’ and is extremely dark and cruel. Destroyed by the mysterious natural disasters of the past and all kinds of cruel nightmare creatures, the harsh environment deterred the exiles who tried to explore this continent.

Since most of the recent role-playing games are biased towards bright, cartoon style, we want to build a darker, realistic and cruel world. In terms of art style rendering, we made “Path of Exile” as real and dark as possible. The people of Ghost Island live in fear, and we strive to bring justice and hope.

Chaos Orbs

Repeated playability is an important feature of Path of Exile. Every map in the ghost island except for the town includes a randomly generated copy of the wild area and only allows you to enter with your partner. Each map contains many monsters with magical attributes and guards all kinds of treasures.


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