PoE Popular Science Defense

Definition: When hit, it will push the hit side slightly away from the output side. Repulse does not interrupt the action, the distinction between attention and dizziness.
The repulse will always be hit by pushing farther away from the output side: that is, even if your chain hits an enemy closer to you from an enemy farther away from you, this enemy is despite the arrow’s The direction is toward you, but in reality it will still be pushed away from you. The distance is 4 units.
When it is repulsed, it is equivalent to moving. In other words, bleeding damage will be greatly increased.
The speed of repulsion is 37.5 units/s
Repel the relevant skill stone:
1. Projectile damage
2. Slam
3. Jump
4. Shockwave Totem
5. Sweep
6. Repel (assisted)
Related items:
1. Griffin – Kinetics
2. The Palm of the Empire – Giant Handguards
3. Chaos of the Strings – Shadow Bow
4. Firm Blade – Covenant Hammer
5. Hegemonic Age – Jurymaster
There are also some talents that are relevant and can be searched directly. Chaos Orbs


Definition: A defensive mechanism that can completely withstand the damage, abnormal state, etc. that a monster attack or spell can cause. It is determined after the dodge and avoidance judgment is completed.

In general, the basic block rate comes from these aspects:
1. Shield (22-33%) or long staff (12-18%). (Determined by different bases)
2. dual wielding (at least 15%, no matter what type of equipment)

Normally only the attack will be blocked, but there are also some talent and special dark gold equipment that can provide spell blocks.

Blocking attacks and spells can block all damage and harmful anomalies, and can even block reflection damage. However, when the reflection damage triggers a block, it cannot trigger “XXXX…”

For example, “Restore XX life when parrying”, you cannot restore life when you block reflection damage.

The attack block rate and the spell block rate are both 75%.
But the upper limit can be increased by this: the anvil of the faith – Amber Amulet, through this descent: Hann’s Legacy – Giant Tower Shield

Block time and block recovery:
Once a hit is blocked, the system will still calculate whether this hit will cause dizziness (assuming that the damage that this hit can cause is not dizzy if it isn’t blocked). If this is a dizzy spell before you hit, then you won’t be dizzy, but all other actions will be interrupted and a block will be made. During this block, you can’t do anything else. This is called block time. Block time and dizziness time are the same.
(So ​​summarizing the block time is exactly the same as the dizzy, but the block is another mechanism, so it is divided. In other words, if you do not dizzy, then there will be no block time and block. restore.)

If you wouldn’t have dizzy you, then there will be no block time. Buy Chaos Orbs

Parry recovery is a mechanism used to reduce this time. Some of the more common properties are: “Increase block recovery rate” and so on.

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