Poe Tips for sharing tips and tricks

Poe treasures tips to share, play treasure process and map quality improvement teaching, I will bring you a wave of tips to share the skills, I wish you a happy treasure!

Are you still worried about not getting good equipment? Are you still crying for 2 Chaos Orbs for a backpack gold coin (Buy Chaos Orbs)? Are you still silent in the map where the number of items is not high, but it is rare to die? Do you still feel that the game you play and the game that someone else plays is not a game? Do you still feel that this game must lose its own attributes, improve the rarity of items and the number of items to play treasure? You said that you have already felt malicious from the whole world in this game? It doesn’t matter, I will open the map correctly today, and I will make a fortune tomorrow, and I will not delay my work!

First, come and walk with ease in the map with low explosion rate and low difficulty.

Step 1: Turn the map into white with recast stone
Step 2: Use 4 pushpins to change the white map to 20% quality;

Step 3: Turn the map into blue with a smashing stone;

Part IV: Transform the map into the attributes you need with the stone;

Step 5: Turn the map into a golden finished picture with Regal Stone

We divide the affix attributes of the map into two categories, harmful additions, and harmless additions.

1, harmful addition

Blood volume, attack speed, injury, movement speed, time and space chain, fragility, weakness, 60% rejuvenation speed, unable to steal the blue, etc. These have strengthened the monster BOSS, or the weakening of the character becomes a harmful bonus.

2, harmless bonus

In the map, the increase of the Kraken creatures, the increase of magical creatures, the monster blood magic, the surpassing of the alliance, and the increase of the number of monsters, etc., increase the number of monsters, and the addition of no influence on the characters becomes harmless.

So for T16 or difficult maps, any harmful bonuses are not needed, and the number of items they provide does not even have a harmless bonus. Therefore, the sharpening of the knife is not a mistake, and before the drawing, the first Prepare for shame.

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