Newcomer Ranger Build: Tornado Shot vs Lightning Arrow or something else?

Hello everybody,

I only recently started with POE and am still unsure about builds and passive skill trees for my ranger.

Since you can change his skill tree so limited, I do not want to spank it immediately and hope you can help me there something.

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I have looked up and searched a lot and can not quite decide how to play. I’ve looked at many builds, but can not see real pros and cons of the builds.

For me it is important that the class is not too dull, a little challenge should be there already. Even though I have just started, I want to spend a lot of time with the game and get better. In the proposed tornado build, I’m kind of scared that it’s too dull and boring.

Alternative 1: Tornado Shot:

This is most often recommended, especially for newcomers. This should be easy to play, not too gear-dependent and also scale well in the lategame. Passive skill tree examples are:

Alternative 2: Crit Lightning Arrow:

Found this build by accident. The passive skill tree, however, looks completely different. Hence my doubt. How good this build is later in the game or otherwise, unfortunately I do not know. But he looks more interesting to me.

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skill tree lightning

Do you know other strong alternatives?

Maybe someone can help me 🙂 Thank you!

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