POE newcomer leveling guide

Train new people to figure out the skill combinations needed in advance, and prepare the equipment with the corresponding color holes in advance. Otherwise, the level can not be inserted into the gems.

For the first time, it is highly recommended to prepare a flame trap and a raccoon trap, or simply two flame traps. This is a good thing to play bosses and group attacks in the early stage. You can equip 2 flame traps at the same time and assign the two traps to different shortcuts so that you can put 6 traps at a time (only 3 traps per trap skill) Buy PoE Currency

– What can I do if I can’t beat the boss?
Most of the bosses in this game can pile up corpses, but don’t want to be deducted from experience. If you don’t want to waste your way back to the city, you can’t just hit it and press s to convert your own game into a public game. Write a “Seeking help to kill boss xxx” on the title. It will come to a bunch of people soon.

– Yesterday, the stun of the sledgehammer savage has been weakened. I haven’t tested what it is now. If you can’t stun the boss continuously, don’t yell at me. . .

-Professional multi-entry public games mixed with difficult upgrades in the early stage

– The price list is updated frequently, so don’t be fooled before trading.

– The character level is higher than the map level 2 and is punished, which will reduce the currency drop rate, but it does not seem to affect the yellow loading rate.

– White blood bottles can often pick up and change with white to blue. I can’t see good attributes. At present, I think that the low-health instant property is better, the key moment can save lives, and the other is to add the amount of recovery, with boss. It is easy to use when cutting, and one can cut for a while and not die. The kind of armor that has added resistance is a bit ugly. It is best to prepare one for thawing, and it is frozen to run well. Plus running speed should also be one, especially for remote occupations that need to put boss kites. Buy Chaos Orbs

– The bottle with the single-resistance armor should be stored in the warehouse even if it is not on the body. When you hit the boss, you can take it with you when you are not resistant enough. It is much safer. This kind of bottle doesn’t drop much. If you drop it, you will pick it up and identify it. The white one will pick it up and turn it into blue to see if there is good property. Anyway, white to blue is not worth it.

I think so much for the time being, and I will make up later. . I wish you all a happy game.

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