Buy Path Of Exile Currency

Hi guys, I have a question about the currencies, or actually to the rare currencies such. To the Chaos Orbs spheres, or to the even rarer “sublime spheres”

Is it legal to buy currency for POE for real money? Often I see in some videos as some have thousands of chaos spheres, or on sublime spheres in their boxes, where are the sooooo many spheres ago, they must have bought them, because they certainly do not have that because you just such spheres too rare.

I know, you get 1-2 Chaos Orbs spheres if you collect a whole armor set (Itemlevel 65-75, if I’m not mistaken, what I do not know after that, I do not know.) And then sell it completely, but until you get that has time together, that lasts (Especially until you finally have the 2 rings, or the belt, because you play a whole while).

Or in the sublime spheres, I play the bestiary since almost the beginning (so started 3 days later) have since found only one sublime sphere. To get several of the sublime spheres I need months and the armor I would like to have, I will only be able to buy sometime in the distant future because the kind of expensive is that a common gamer can not afford: (For example, the body armor “Daressos Disobedience” with 6-fold linked sockets, since the cheapest armor currently costs 5 sublime spheres, how to pay without buying the spheres for real euros?)

My question to Grinding Gear Games, is it allowed to buy currency for real Euros or is it banned for 100 years? That would really interest me now. Because if that’s NOT allowed, then how do people get together several thousand connection spheres (I’ve just got 98) or several thousand chaos spheres, or several thousand lofty spheres together, how does that work without you buying yourself from somewhere for real money, how does it work?

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